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Through bottom-line improvements we help our Clients accelerate a strong Negotiation Culture

Through bottom-line improvements we accelerate a strong Negotiation Culture

The best performing companies continuously strive to optimize their business and are closely monitoring their negotiation processes. They know that developing a strong Negotiation Culture will accelerate bottom-line improvements in the shortest time possible.

Negotiation Culture drives profitability

Our Negotiation Excellence™ platform will provide you with the most updated and critical Negotiation tools. Our framework puts emphasis on preparation, structure and training. Extensive feedback and analysis will develop your skills and succeed in executing your negotiation strategy with the strongest possible outcome and result. Negotiation Excellence™ will generate new insights and creative ideas how to maximize value and reduce risk in your negotiations.


Negotiation Excellence

Our Negotiation Excellence™ approach will supply you with the necessary tools, structure, training and coaching empowering you to execute your negotiation strategy with the strongest results.

Negotiation Advisory

Targeted at specific negotiations, our advisory services will generate new insights and creative ideas for the purpose of analysing your negotiation position, maximizing value and reducing risk.

Negotiation Lab

Our Negotiation Lab™ allows you and your team to participate in virtual negotiation training bringing you all the live elements from our Negotiation Excellence™ program, wherever your team may be located.

Negotiation Society

To ensure a continuous high level of negotiation skills, we offer you Negotiation Society™, a members-only community that will help you keep focus and anchor your new negotiation methodology.


Development programme for Davidsen

Development programme for Davidsen

Development programme for Davidsen A strong negotiation culture in Procurement In a competitive market Procurement needed to contribute to an accelerated cash and EBIT improvement. Davidsen Tømmerhandel wanted to explore the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage...



PFAReshaping the negotiation climatePFA Pension faced declining earning levels and market shares. The feedback from management was that negotiations were characterized by argumentation and focus on price. To win more profitable tenders and optimize the existing...

Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene Dahl

Brødrene DahlSecuring profitability by changing the gameAn increasing demand for the lowest prices and the highest degree of service dictated the negotiations at Brødrene Dahl. To secure orders the demand was accepted to a large degree across the sales force. With the...

Advisory for Procurement Team

Advisory for Procurement Team

Advisory for Procurement TeamNew approach for annual frame agreementStrategic advisory to lead negotiators in Procurement at Davidsen Tømmerhandel. Facing a series of important negotiations Procurement wanted to strengthen the relationship with key suppliers and...

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